The Mission of Kunta

The Kunta Protocol was created to provide developers with more control and freedom to experiment with decentralized cryptoeconomic systems. We believe that enabling engineers with varying skill levels to easily explore using custom cryptoeconomies will speed up the overall adoption of decentralized technologies.

Many protocol projects have formed tribalistic personalities surrounding their central beliefs, thus creating sylos of thoughts. Included in these sylos are the design decisions regarding the protocol's development. With so many schools of thought regarding various aspects of a protocol's implementation, we see the power of allowing developers to make design choices, and this is a driving force behind the Kunta project.

Fictional character Kunta Kinte, from the story "Roots", was enslaved in bondage, chains. He spent his life attempting to free himself from those chains. Tribalistic protocol development imposes chains on anyone using them. These are chains Kunta seeks to free developers from.

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