Kunta is a platform to design, deploy, and manage custom cryptoeconomies

Technological Rebellion against General-Purpose Blockchains

Use Kunta to develop blockchain-based distributed systems for dedicated purposes

Simulation Environment

Kunta provides a playground for users to try concepts, and test their blockchain protocol designs before deployment

Levels of Configuration

Deploy a plug-and-play cryptoeconomic design, or customize from the blockchain type, mechanisms used, and properties of the virtual machine for executing contracts/programs

Developer Friendly

Use our native abstraction language (NAL) or the Kunta SDK (C++, Javascript, Java, PHP) to configure your blockchain network, and interact with your cryptoeconomy

Simplified and Complexed

Deploy an entire dedicated blockchain network within seconds with little-to-no learning curve, complete with management and analytic tools, with no sacrafice in security, and reliability

The "Best Protocol" does not exist

As more decentralized protocols move towards general-purpose designs, Kunta enables developers to design & generate their own blockchain solution for their own needs

IDE for rapid experimentation

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